What is Lamination

Lamination or Encapsulation?

'Poster Lamination' and 'Poster Encapsulation' are  terms that are often used interchangeably, which leads to some confusion!   Technically in the print world, they are different processes with different end results.  


Encapsulation is the encasing of a poster totally within a resilient plastic film.  The result is waterproof, wipe clean and very hard wearing. Great for hostile environments, outdoors or anywhere where humidity, or dirt levels are high and is highly recommended for posters that will be displayed outdoors or in busy areas such as school corridors.  


Lamination is the application of a plastic film - generally to one surface to improve the appearance of a print and to increase it's lifespan.  Great for advertising and point of sale display boards.

Both processes improve the performance of your poster - Encapsulation is more hard wearing but doesn't look as good, Lamination looks nice but is less resilient.

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